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iSurvival Game

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Welcome to the new iSurvival Game!

Survival is the key! How long can you stay in one of the toughest games for?

iSurvival is a fun yet challenging action game based on manoeuvering around, dodging and shooting flying asteroids and alien mines. It is set against an appealing outerspace background, and the aim is to see how long you can survive without being destroyed!

Your objective is to dodge the asteroids by moving your space pod left/right and up/down, or by shooting them to break them apart. As the game progresses, both asteroids and alien mines target you and the level of difficulty increases. With 5 missiles as your defence weapons, you must use them wisely as and when required to eliminate either the alien mines or the asteroids.

The game definitely has an addictive quality to it: the longer you manage to stay alive, the greater the challenge is for the next time you play, and the greater the incentive to beat your previous score.




Here are some previews of the iSurvival game.

survival23 survival32
survival51 survival61

Game Instructions:

To move the space pod, rotate your iPhone from side to side and in an up and down motion.

To increase the speed the space pod moves at, simply increase the tilt angle on your iPhone. The steeper the tilt, the faster the space pod moves, the more level the iPhone the slower the space pod moves.

To shoot, simply shake your iPhone or touch the screen in the direction you want to aim the missile at. In a game, you have 5 missiles which can be used to shoot the floating asteroids or the green alien mines. Shooting an asteroid once simply breaks it apart, shooting it twice disintegrates the asteroid completely. The same goes for the alien mines.